Your Complete Poker Stats and Gaming Record Keeping System
Tournament Poker-Cash Poker-Slots-Table Games

Poker Stats Record Gaming System

Professional & Amateur Poker Players... well as all gamers love this system and continually ask 
Why did it take so long to develop? 
Track your Poker and All Gaming Stats with this System!
You Need Excel to use this System.

These spreadsheets consist of individual pages for all of your tournaments, cash poker, slots and table games

 Under two minutes is all it takes for you to enter your gaming details once you are sitting at your computer.

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  Details Automatically Figured For You Like:
  1. Amount/Total cash invested
  2. Time invested
  3. Profit/Loss
  4. Expenses
  5. Tips
  6. Monthly, Yearly and To-Date Totals
  7. Progress
  8. "In The Money" Running Totals and Percentages
  9. Total Games, Tournaments, Hours
  10. Total Opponents for the Month, Year Cumulative
  11. Total Cash Make/Made Per Hour, Month, Year and Cumulative
  12. Your Net Income For the Month, Year and Cumulative
  13. Running Totals of How Often You Reach the Final Table
  14. Today's Date is Always in View
  15. House Odds Link for All Table Games
  16. And Much More 
  This gives both the professional poker player as well as the weekend gamers a better look at their progress.

This Excel Record Stats System does all the work for you!

Get Serious and Take Your Game To The Next Level!
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